November, 2019

10Nov13:3014:30Flexibility and Mobility Class Movement Vault - New York, NY1623 York Ave. New York, NY 10028 USAActivity:YogaNeighborhood:Manhattan


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Do you struggle with tight muscles and joints? Do you have nagging pain and injuries that keep happening and don’t seem to go away? Do you find it difficult to perform specific activities in your day to day life, and/or specific lifts in the gym due to poor mobility and tight muscles and joints?

Well, our 1-hour mobility class is perfect for you. We will teach you techniques to address all of the above!

Movement Vault will be teaching a live flexibility, and mobility class at CrossFit Upper East Side on November 10, 2019 from 1:30 pm-2:30 pm.

The class is taught by Movement Vault’s founder and head programmer, Doctor of Physical Therapy, Dr. Grayson Wickham, PT, DPT, CSCS.

You will learn a wide variety of muscle/fascia release techniques using a mobility ball, active stretches, and activation movements. The above techniques will target your entire body, but will focus on the shoulders, and hips. We will end the class with a movement flow, which will be a series of movements that will target your entire body. You are going to feel amazing after this class!

The techniques we teach are not the same old, cookie cutter/average stretches and exercises you may have seen on youtube or elsewhere, or the stretches you may currently be doing. Our techniques are based on science, backed by research, and are the most effective techniques that get results in the shortest amount of time.

This class is for you if you are: currently dealing pain or an injury, have tight muscles or tight joints, want to be able to achieve better lifting positions in the gym, or just want to move and feel better in life.

*Please bring your own yoga mat if you have one. We will provide mobility balls for you to use.

Why is flexibility and mobility so important? When you have tight muscles and tight joints, your body has to compensate in other areas of your body. These compensations can then lead to pain and injury. An example of this is having tight hips. Having tight hips causes your low back to compensate. After a while, your low back compensation can lead to low back pain and injury.

The solution is to “fix” your tight muscles and tight joints now, and then to create a proactive flexibility and mobility practice going forward. We will help you with this!

“Most of the injuires I see in my physical therapy practice could have been avoided. When you increase your flexibility and mobility, you increase your performance in life, in the gym, in your sport, and you decrease your risk for future injury” -Dr. Grayson Wickham

**We may be taking pictures/videos during the class. We will have a waiver for you to sign prior to the start of class. You must sign waiver in order to participate in class.


(Sunday) 13:30 - 14:30


1623 York Ave. New York, NY 10028 USA